At the end of summer, many families decide to go on vacations. And while vacations can be tons of fun, they also pose the risk of illness or injury as well. For example, running around on the beach could result in a sprained ankle — 90% of which result from inward rolling of the ankle. But there’s a more dangerous threat when traveling out of the country, which is illness or disease. This is why getting the right vaccines before you travel is so important. So let’s take a look at a few things to consider when thinking about travel vaccines.

Destination matters: One of the first things you should think about when planning your vaccines is where you’re going. There are a lot of destination-specific diseases or illnesses you should get vaccinated for. Additionally, some countries may require proof of certain vaccinations before you’re allowed to enter. So you should do some research ahead of time and figure out which vaccines you need to enter the country and which vaccines you need to protect yourself against the risks specific to your destination.

Existing conditions: Along with knowing which vaccines you need for your specific destination, you should also know if there are any vaccines you need because of your current health. If you’re pregnant, have an existing condition, or have a weakened immune system, you may need additional vaccines. Talking to the doctors at an urgent care clinic will ensure you’re getting the right vaccines needed for your current health condition.

Timing of vaccines: It’s important to think about not only what kind of vaccines you need, but when you should get them. Timing matters because you want to give the vaccine enough time to start working. Additionally, you may need extra time if the vaccine requires more than one dose. So when you visit an urgent care clinic, make sure you ask when the vaccines should be given to give you enough time for them to start working.

While vaccines aren’t required for taking a trip to a local beach, they can be extremely beneficial when traveling abroad. Getting the right vaccines will protect you from any destination-specific illnesses and can ensure you’ll stay healthy throughout your trip.