Sky Mobile have announced a new feature on their 4G mobile plans which allows customers to stream unlimited content on any Sky app.

The mobile network has updated its Sky Watch offer, now letting customers stream Sky content without using up their data allowance. The service was launched on March 8 and is available to all new and existing Sky customers who have a data allowance of at least 50MB a month.

The nature of content customers can watch still depends on what package they are on. The new feature applies to apps such as Sky Go, Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and Sky Kids.

“We launched Sky Mobile to connect our customers to more of what they love,” said Sophia Ahmad, director of Sky Mobile. “Streaming films and TV shows on-the-go is now one of the most popular ways to pass time while travelling or commuting – and our new Watch offer makes it easier for our customers to stay up to date with the unmissable must-watch television, from Game of Thrones to F1 races, that we know our customers love.”

Given the fact that live football matches can take up over 2.5GB of data, Sky Mobile’s latest offering will be welcome news for sports fans. The offer also extends to customers who subscribe to Sky packages such as Sky Sports or Sky Cinema through a different provider, for example Virgin Media.

The feature allows customers to even stream unlimited content while abroad in the EU. Also, anyone can watch Sky News without using up their data, regardless of whether they are a Sky Mobile customer or not.

Three UK already have a similar service called Go Binge, which allows their customers to watch unlimited content on streaming services such as Netflix. Their offer also lets customers listen to as much music as they want to through Soundcloud, Deezer or Apple Music. However, Go Binge doesn’t cover any sports streaming services, unlike Sky Mobile.

Sky Mobile customers already benefit from a data roll-over service, which automatically saves any unused data for later months. Sophia Ahmad said the company had introduced their Watch feature following customer feedback, demanding more access to content on their tablets and smartphones.

“It’s been largely influenced from our customers, who want to access Sky content,” said Ahmad. “We know the average person spends an hour per day commuting and a lot of people like to stream to their phone while doing this. By giving them unlimited access, they never need to worry about how much data they’re using.

“It’s key for our customers to be able to access content wherever they are and this appealed to them. Anyone who has a Sky Mobile SIM will be able to use the Sky apps without signing up for anything.”