long time before the Mazda3 was redesigned from the group up for 2019, the Hiroshima-based automaker offered automotive journalists the chance to experiment the SkyActiv-X before launch. An impressive piece of technology, the gasoline engine that leverages on diesel technologies still isn’t available in most parts of the world.

For the time being, Mazda offers the 1.8- and 2.0-liter engines in Europe and Japan while the U.S. gets the SkyActiv-G 2.5 without turbocharging. Almost anywhere you’ll look, the SkyActiv-X is nowhere to be found in the automaker’s configurator. On the other hand, Mazda is waxing lyrical about the long-awaited engine like it’s the second coming of internal combustion.

When asked by journalists about this absence in the engine lineup, Masahiro Moro made it clear that “SkyActiv-X is on our road map going forward.” Instead of telling when Spark Controlled Compression Ignition will be available to purchase in the Mazda3, the chief exec of North American operations said: “we are introducing each technology in each region when the time is right.”

Automotive News reports the SkyActiv-X is on track for roll out in the United States, and for the time being, people in Slovakia can order the Mazda3 with this engine at €24,290 with the six-speed manual. An automatic transmission and all-wheel drive are also available, and for this market, the engine produces 181 PS (179 horsepower) and 222 Nm (164 pound-feet) of torque.

By comparison, the SkyActiv-G and SkyActiv-D develop 122 and 116 PS (120 and 114 horsepower), respectively. For the time being, the SkyActiv-G 2.5 offered in North America is the pick of the bunch thanks to 186 horsepower and 186 pound-feet of torque.

Some people suggest that Mazda is developing a bigger displacement for the SkyActiv-X for North America. If the rumor turns out to be true, 2.5 liters should be alright given that the X takes the performance-efficiency combo a level above the G.

In addition to the SkyActiv-X, another engine that promises to revolutionize internal combustion is the VC-Turbo from Nissan and Infiniti. The variable-compression engine is available as an option in the Altima and standard in the QX50.