The market is full of various foods and drinks for boosting your energy levels, strength, mood or durability, but what stays unclear so far are the so-called “smart foods and drinks.” Modern life style bombs you with tons of new information per day demanding great mental capacity, especially if you’re a student or if your job is mostly based on intellectual work. Whether you are tired, burned out, fed up, not motivated or simply losing your sharpness due to age, we have all wondered what to do to strengthen out focus, memory capacity, attention span and to improve our brain functioning generally. So, are there foods and drinks you can reach out for when you need to improve your mental performance? Here is what science said so far.

Caffeine. One easy solution you probably always have in your kitchen. Whether you will consume it as a common coffee or bite chocolate, take some of the energy drinks or medications, the caffeine will help you focus, sharpen and speed up your thinking process and help you concentrate easier. Along with caffeine, there comes sugar in all forms. Though you should be careful with the amount of sugar and carbs you eat, glucose is the brain’s fuel and booster for vivid mental activity. The effects are quite short term, but it certainly helps to take a candy or drink something sweet if you’re planning a night of studying or few hours of serious intellectual work. If you want two in one, there is one favorite food. Chocolate. Chocolate contains both, sugar and caffeine, plus it has a significant amount of antioxidants, particularly important for older people and keeping their minds in shape. Various seed can be used for the same purpose as well.

It may sound like a cliché, but stick to the old fashioned rhythm of meals and eating. Don’t skip the breakfast, even if you’re critically running late. Dairy, fruits, and high fiber grain early in the morning appeared to be a great stimulant for brain function and mental performance. The trick is not to excess with the amount of food, since overloading your stomach will have the opposite effect. It will run the great amount of your blood into the digestive system, and there will be no desired brain effect.

Two particular foods are currently considered to be a real “smart food.” Fish and blueberries. With their great power to protect brain tissue from oxidants and various chemical damages, blueberries are an excellent choice if you need to stimulate your brain to learn, calculate or do a lot of memorizing. Fish on your plate twice a week will keep your mind younger than your age implies. So-called healthy fats, omega – 3 fatty acids showed a great therapeutic effect among demented patients. Since fish is rich in those, it is highly recommended to increase your intake of various types of fish.

These are just some of the commonly used foods that can have the stimulating and healthy effect on your brain and mental capacity. But in addition to that, make sure you are hydrated enough, working in a room with fresh and clean air, relaxed and energized by a sufficient number of sleeping hours, as well as to exercise regularly in order to maintain your brain’s circulation.