Get your skin prepared for hot days

Summer goes with adventures, a lot of fun and easy living, but summer also brings the need to take special care of your skin. Although the tan is fancy and attractive, sunlight is not friendly to your skin, and you should prevent the risks and control the damage if already done.

UV lights can penetrate the skin barrier and trigger series of chemical reactions inside the skin cells, causing sometimes series changes or harmful effect to cells. The worst scenario leads to melanoma or other types of skin cancer while more benign effect will cause sunburns and pealin`g. Exposing to UV sunlight promotes aging due to photo effect, deepens your wrinkles, and leaves brown spots and coarse skin.

To help you prevent all of these possible problems, dermatologists worldwide intensify mass education and give plenty advice on how to treat your skin during hot days.

First of all, you should not use the same cosmetic products you have used during winter because the skin acts and reacts differently during cold and hot days. Winter attacks your skin with cold and dry air and winds, so it is recommended to use products that keep the skin moist. Summer, on the other hand, is the time for light ingredients that will hydrate the skin and protect it at the same time. When reading labels, look for glycerin, squalane, and silicones.

Since glands in the skin are more active during hot days, and it can worsen your acne problem, dermatologists suggest both cleanser and moisturizer. Use water-based or zinc – based cosmetic products and clay masks that absorb oil from the skin surface. Also, hydrating your whole body is a must do. Drink at least eight glasses of waters a day to keep your skin clean and easy detoxication processes.

Everything starts with high sun protection factor in the sunscreens you use. Always protect your whole skin when facing sunlight, especially if you are heading outdoors during midday.  Aside choosing quality SPF, you need to apply it frequently and enough to be effective. The market offers you a wide range of products, such as oil-free or chemical – free formulas, mattifying or extra hydrating formulas and many others. Re-apply it approximately every two to three hours. If it happens you end up with sunburns, treat the skin with some of the cooling gels and neutral creams or some products that help your skin regenerate.

Another important procedure that will keep your skin in top summer shape is regular deep cleansing and micro abrasion of dead cells layers. Use some of the products that contain glycolic acid or small sugar grains to scrub the skin mechanically, clean the pores, enable your skin to breathe and get hydrated by toner or moisturizer you will apply after exfoliation. Exfoliation is best performed early in the morning before applying any make up or SPF, several times a week. This procedure is meant to clean the skin mechanically, but you should be gentle nevertheless. Plus, it is forbidden to exfoliate sunburned skin and areas of pealed skin.

After applying all these treatments, the final advice is to wear light clothes that will show your smooth and elegant skin.