The Ministry of Finance Malaysia (MoF) has just announced the price of petrol and diesel, valid for the next seven days. Effective tomorrow January 12th, the price for a litre of petrol will decrease by 1 sen while diesel fuel trend upwards by 1 sen.  

In summary, the prices for petrol and diesel are listed below:

  • RON95 – RM1.92 per litre (down 1 sen from RM1.93)
  • RON97 – RM2.22 per litre (down 1 sen from RM2.23)
  • Diesel – RM2.05 per litre ( up 1 sen from RM2.04)
  • Diesel Euro 5M – RM2.15 per litre (up 1 sen from RM2.14)