In case you ever wondered how you might wreck a Ferrari in 2 simple steps without even putting it through its paces, one idiot driver in Bucharest, Romania, is here to help.

A now-viral video shows the most stupid 2-vehicle crash you will probably see all day, if not week. It involves what looks like a Ferrari 458 Challenge and a white Mazda 3, whose driver simply didn’t have enough time to react and hit on the brakes.

You can also find it at the bottom of the page. The red beast is being prepared to be loaded onto a flatbed truck by an entire crew, so it’s revving up a rather narrow street as the guys shout instructions at the driver. For the record, the driver is one of them, so it’s not the owner who stupidly wrecked the car.

The Ferrari approaches the loading ramp and, for whatever reason, the driver decides to step out for a bit. You probably guessed where this is going: he opens the door on the driver side without as much as stopping to check if other cars are coming down the (we already mentioned it) narrow and busy street.

A white Mazda 3 sedan comes and, despite cries from the same members of the crew, hits the door, ripping it clean off. One crew member’s facepalm says it all in terms of how stupid and completely avoidable this crash was.

A Ferrari 458 Challenge (if that’s the car seen here) retails for about $300,000 and is not road-legal, hence the lack of plates on the vehicle in the video. Depending on how powerful the impact was, damage to the door could translate into a sky-high bill but even if damage was minimal, it will still cost a pretty penny to repair.

The worst part of it is that the poor dude at the wheel will now have to cover all repair expenses because he should’ve checked the mirrors before opening the door. How’s that for a terrible day at the office?