Not many people know this, but certain cars are designed to intentionally split in half in the event of a crash. They’re called supercars. The heavy engine of an Audi R8, for example, might otherwise crush the driver because it’s the heaviest part and sits behind him.

But the Audi Q7 has nothing in common with the R8, obviously excluding the badge.This incident happened in Russia at least three days ago, which makes perfect sense considering most of the cool crashes happen on the weekend.

We have a video from a local drag racer, though there’s no way of knowing if it’s the original copy. In addition, Carscoops gathers
a handful of photos from the site and reports that despite the severity of the impact, nobody was killed.

Apparently, the SUV crashed side-on into a pole and ripped itself into two large pieces. Now, we have seen this happen with much older cars, but usually, the bodywork is completely mangled, whereas here at least three of the doors look 90% intact. And it’s a relatively new model which is supposed to have a super-solid chassis.

Our best guess is that this is not one SUV, but pieces of two. The first video we shared from Russian mechanic Arthur showed him making one clean-looking BMW 7 Series from two wrecks. It’s a cheap way to get an expensive model, but there might be repercussions.

Looking at the wreck, we see how the roof wrapped itself off, which means it was probably bonded, not welded on. This works when you just have to fix that part on a damaged car, but here, the Q7 must have been put back together somewhere around the rear doors.

Of course, this is only our interpretation. Maybe our Russian readers have extra info.